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Footbag World Championships – Sideline Events

During the online version of the 2021 Footbag World Championships, a range of sideline events were held in order to encourage beginner players or those who choose not to compete in the main events.


The Chinese footbag players made their presence felt, with an excellent rate of participation, while a number of players who did not enter the freestyle events joined in the action. 20 different players from 5 countries joined in to at least one of the sideline events. The events included one and five minute consecutive kicks, a beginner request contest, a scene showcase and a school showcase.


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One minute consecutives


The players had to kick the bag as many times as possible within one minute. China’s Zheng XinPing was the winner with 128 kicks within the allocated 60 seconds.

You can see the full standings here. The one minute version was designed as an accessible event and was the most popular of the sideline events.

Rank Name Country Score
1 Zheng XinPing China 128
2 Fei YongBao China 127
3 Chan TinYee China 122
4 Yu QingHai China 120
5 Daniel Boyle Australia 104
6 Andrew Rice Ireland 102
7 Chen WeiTao China 96
8 Weng HuaBin China 93
9 Hu ShiWei China 92
10 Justin Blotsky USA 90
11 Tan YaoTang China 89
12 Zhou Jie China 84
13 Allen Sneed USA 80
14 Taku Miura Japan 67

5 minute consecutives


Fei YongBao, also from China, topped the five minute scores with 518 points. As per official rules, points were deducted for drops and fouls including upper body contacts and not changing feet. Ken Somolinos, who featured in the finals in the freestyle events, came in second place.


Rank Name Country Score
1 Fei YongBao China 518
2 Ken Somolinos USA 512
3 Zheng XinPing China 500
4 Daniel Boyle Australia 488
5 Justin Blotsky USA 459
6 Zhou Jie China 364


Beginner Request Challenge


Congratulations to those who completed the combos for the beginner request challenge.


Taku Miura – Japan

Fei YongBao – China


Hu Shi Wei – China


Chen Wei Tao – China


Weng HuaBin – China


Wang ShuYang – China


Scene Showcase


This event gave players a chance to show what’s happening for them lately. With the pandemic still disrupting gatherings, we had a number of individuals or small groups submit their entries.


Dustin Rhodes & Brian Sherrill – Mountain View, California, USA

If you are a footbag player on Instagram, you will be well aware of these two great players. Both have been playing for a long time and each have a unique style. They are showing some fun skills together.


Micah Cox – Durango, Colorado, USA

Micah Cox is bringing out some Allen Haggett vibes with his moves up and over the picnic table. Great flow!

Allen Sneed – Greeneville, Tennessee, USA

Allen Sneed has featured in a number of events in the online competitions – here he shows his stuff, with a potential future footbag player in the background.

Adam Wade – Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Some great friendly hacky moves from the host city of the 1996 Olympics. Looks like this crew is having a great time kicking.

Taku Miura – Japan


Taku Miura has been a great contributor to the footbag presence in Japan – here he is showing some great places to play footbag.


School Showcase


We just had two entries for the school showcase, and they are from two of the hardest workers in footbag over recent years – Taishi Ishida in Japan and Bruce Li in China. Aside from all their promotional work, both players made the finals in the routines event.

With players like this growing the game, there are great positives in the future of the sport.

Great thanks to everybody who participated in the Sideline Events of the World Footbag Championships. Some prizes will be delivered by the World Footbag Association to the winners. For more information and results, please visit the official website.

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