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Published on December 30th, 2020 | by Daniel Boyle


Footbag on Instagram – December 2020

A roundup of footbag content on Instagram for December 2020. For obvious reasons, this will be the last writeup of the year.

I’ll begin with my most recent string, filmed a couple of days ago. It has been a year where I haven’t spent much time in the city centre, but I’ve been there a little in recent days.


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Matt Cross Flashback

Matt Cross has been active during this year in the footbag community, running some competitions for unique tricks and giving out supportive comments here and there. Here’s something of him and Will Digges from back in 2009.


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Spin to Win

Here’s Jindra Smola doing three double spins in a row. Jindra has been posting a lot of impressive content lately.


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Keep on Rollin’

Brian Sherrill with some interesting roll tricks. He and Dustin Rhodes made a great submission to this year’s Joulukalenteri. These two have really been pushing the limits in terms of creativity lately.


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Skipping + Footbag

During the Joulukalenteri we had a lot of tutorial type content. Here is an interesting one was Sebastian Ceballos in Colombia, how to do footbag while skipping. There are quite a few players who do this well, follow these instructions and you might be able to too!

From Russia

Andrei Romanov with a few moves. Looking smooth in the gym.

Pass to Pass

I’ve featured these guys a few times who are encourage kicking as part of foot health. Here’s them gaining passes, with 14 between them.

Hat Tricks

A few moves from David Z near a bridge. A couple of tricks with a cap in here as well. Looks like this guy is into a bunch of different hobbies, including “Spikeball” which is something I saw in the park recently and wondered what it was.


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Rilko Flow

Joshua Rilko from the USA. We’ve had the chance to kick together and it has been great to see his improvement since then, impressive flow here.


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Flapper Fun

Ryan Morris with some impressive flapper tricks. A flapper is catching the bag on the sole of the foot in a cross body position. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Ryan do these, but they look super smooth.


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Ryan is running an online version of the New Year’s Jam so make sure to get your entries in. There are event for Shred Off, Rippin’ Run and an “Add Hunt”.

Hike and Hack

Here we have someone kicking “on top of the world”. I believe this is call Tom’s Thumb and is in Phoenix.


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Thanks for all those who have posted footbag content on Instagram this year, hope to see some more of it in the coming year.

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