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Taishi Ishida and Jim Penske Added to Footbag Hall of Fame

The 2024 Inductees to the Footbag Hall of Fame have been announced, with Taishi Ishida and Jim Penske honoured for their work in footbag.

Japan’s Taishi Ishida and the USA’s Jim Penske are the latest members of the Footbag Hall of Fame. Both have been playing at a high level for many years and have also been involved in promotion and organisation of the sport.

The official announcement shared by Ethan “Red” Husted reads as follows.

Jim Penske is considered by many to be one of the greatest freestyle footbag players of all time. He has been a top freestyler for over twenty years and continues to be one of the best today. Jim holds numerous freestyle records and has won multiple US Open Championships and a World Championship title. He was inducted into the Big Add Posse in 2002 and remains one of the most dedicated and iconic players to this day!
Taishi Ishida is a longtime freestyler and performer with many trophies under his belt, including a World Championships title. He has been Japan’s number one player for many years now and is an outstanding performer who is known to many, both inside and outside of the sport. Taishi was inducted into the Big Add Posse in 2018 and continues to entertain crowds with his amazing routines all around the world. His enthusiasm for footbag is undeniable and is an inspiration to all who know him!

Taishi Ishida is known both for his consistency in competition, including winning Shred 30 at the 2014 World Footbag Championships. He backed up that effort with another win in the same event in 2018. More recognition goes to his constant efforts promoting the sport of footbag in Japan. He is out playing in schools, on television and other sport events on an almost daily basis.

Along the way, Taishi also picked up a Guinness World Record for juggling two bags on one foot.

Taishi’s efforts are to be commended in promoting the sport and best wishes to him at the upcoming World Footbag Championships in Montreal, Canada.


Jim Penske is no stranger to major footbag tricks, having been competing at the top level for many years. Along with Lon Smith, he has been releasing videos from his Boise, Idaho base at a relentless pace in recent times. He took second place in Routines at the World Footbag Championship in 2007 and was victorious in the Request Contest in Portland 2017.

The next major event will be the US Open for freestyle, which will be held in Boise. This is following on from the success of last year’s “Jim Penske Invitational”.

Congratulations to both players on recognition for their wonderful efforts in footbag.

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