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Published on January 21st, 2021 | by Daniel Boyle


NYJ Hosts First Footbag Event of 2021

NYJ was the first footbag event for 2021, and like the new normal, it was held online, allowing a worldwide competitor pool.

The New Years Jam is usually held in Michigan, with a great turnout from across North America. This year the callout was put to the worldwide footbag community to join in. The call was answered by players from around the world. The turnout include Dominik Simku, who starred in the online World Championships. Players competed in three events. The Rippin Run was a challenge for the most contacts in a run, while the Add Hunt was based on adds, with the highest points score winning.

As with the online Worlds, the Shred Off event had players create an edit to challenge against their competitors. A special mention to Josh Gayhart in the Add Hunt. While he didn’t have the most adds to win the tournament, the combination of blurry barrage>delusion>frontside toe blue>pixie same side blender>symp twirl had a huge amount of variety and technicality.

Rather than just the cream of North American talent, the event had players from Poland, Czech Republic, Australia, Japan, Spain and elsewhere, giving a worldly feel to the tournament. Full credit to Ryan Morris for running the tournament, as well as creating the videos. The Rippin Run was particularly impressive.

The results are as follows.

Shred Off

1. Dominik Simku
2. Paweł Nowak
3. Jakub Mościszewski
4. Dante Michael
5. Derek Littlefield
6. Mathieu Gauthier
7. Sergio Garcia
8. Daniel Boyle
9. Peter Bowler
10. Mike Toolan
11. Ryan Morris
12. Christian Britting
13. Ben Barrows
14. Taku Miura
15. David Moutard


Rippin Run

1. Jakub Mościszewski (137 contacts)
2. Dominik Simku (109 contacts)
3. Taishi Ishida (72 contacts)
4. Mathieu Gauthier (70 contacts)
5. Paweł Nowak (68 contacts)
6. Daniel Boyle (50 contacts)
7. Ryan Morris (46 contacts)
8. Christian Britting (38 contacts)
9. Taku Miura (33 contacts)
10. Dante Michael (31 contacts)
11. Mike Toolan (17 contacts)

Add Hunt

1. Dominik Simku (30 adds)
2. Paweł Nowak (29 adds)
3. Dante Michael (26 adds)
4. Jakub Mościszewski (26 adds)
5. Taishi Ishida (25 adds)
6. Josh Gayhart (23 adds)
7. Taku Miura, Ben Barrows, Daniel Boyle (22 adds)
8. Mathieu Gauthier, Ryan Morris, Christian Britting (21 adds)

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