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Footbag on Instagram – November 2020

November 2020 has passed us by, here’s the latest footbag action from the Instagram community.

I will start with something from myself. While the northern parts of the world are going into hibernation, the sun is shining and I’ve been playing by the pool quite a lot.


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Footbag Power

Damian Gielnick posted this photo recently. It’s not a shred photo but I find it to look really powerful.


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Kicking Calendar

It’s not just the Joulukalenteri to think about as a footbag Christmas calendar. We’ve got people looking to improve day by day on their kicking and sending it out in an advent calendar style. I love the idea.


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Quantum Footbag Shoes

I mentioned in another post the exciting updates towards another edition of the Quantum Footbag Shoes. Here’s a few of the specs in a short picture. Many of the footbag community have taken to supporting the project so hopefully it reaches the goal on time.


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Jessica Cedeño getting back into net action in Venezuela. There has been a little bit of action from players who haven’t been around so much lately, which is great to see.


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Special Shoes

Matt Kemmer is leading a project called Passback Footbag. He’s talking about various shoes and launched the first video. Funnily enough, it’s starting out with some of the previous Quantum editions.


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Judging by a rough Google Translate, this picture is advertising a Polish radio show, based on a boy who never parts with his zośką. This might be something about why there are so many high level players in Poland.


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An Erie Feeling

Looks like gym session are back in action in Erie, with a nice turnout for freestyle and net in this clip.


Footbag in Yokohama and things could get a little wet if your bag gets misdirected here.

Balance Beam

I mentioned these guys in the last post, but this little exercise looks quite challenging. Showing uses for kicking in taking care of your feet.


As mentioned that winter weather is coming to the northern parts of the world, but great to see people still getting outside for a kick. Here is the musician Jessa having a kick in Toronto, Canada.

That’s the round for November 2020. Great to see so many people posting their Footbag stuff on Instagram, and it is always great to see more as well.

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