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Published on December 31st, 2015 | by Daniel Boyle


Footbag Joulukalenteri 2015 – All Videos

Thanks to everyone for participating – submitting, watching, commenting or otherwise – in the 2015 Joulukalenteri Footbag Christmas Calendar. This post has each day’s videos.

An easy way to view each day’s video is the Calendar View on the Modified footbag forum, thanks to Allan Haggett. This post will show each of the videos from this year in the one place here on the site.

Day 1 – Matrix Solo by Mads Hole

Matrix Solo Session

Mathias Blau 40 min. session 16/11 2015 Øster Farinmagsgade Skole -Mads Hole

Day 2 – Narooma Jam featuring Juho Marjo by Daniel Boyle

Narooma Jam 2015

Joulukalenteri 2015. Juho Marjo (Finland) and Chris Tristano (USA) visit the classic Australian Narooma Jam.

Day 3 – Skool Daze by Sean Wingert (digitised by Erik Chan)

Day 4 – Marine Technology by Aleksi Airinen

Marine Technology

Filmed at Aalto University School of Engineering in Espoo, Finland in May 2014. This video was part of Daniel Boyle’s Joulukalenteri 2015, presented on day 4. Filmed using a GoPro.

Day 5 – Back to Bega by Daniel Boyle

Footbag Joulukalenteri 2015 – Daniel Boyle – Back to Bega

Daniel Boyle playing footbag in his hometown of Bega.

Day 6 – Worlds Behind the Scenes by Asmus Helms

Worlds 2015 – Behind The Scenes

Joulukalenteri 2015

Day 7 – Wiktor Debski

Footbag Joulukarenteri 2015: Wiktor Dębski

My freestyle footbag video for annual “Joulukarenteri”. Music: Eleventh Sun – Three king

Day 8 – Taishi Moved by Gatesman by Mads Hole

Taishi moved by Gatesman

Worlds 2015 Copenhagen

Day 9 – Olav Anaconda Piwowar by Greg Raymond

Olav “Anaconda” Piwowar

Joulukalenteri, Day 9. Freestyle footbag by Olav Piwowar. Filmed August 2011 in Berlin.

Day 10 – Paloma Special by Sergio Garcia

Paloma Special. Footbag Joulukalenteri 2015 – DAY 10

This is a video special about Paloma Mayo, Footbag World Champion in Copenhagen 2015. Paloma has done her best to become what she is, so it is an example of hard training and motivation.

Day 11 – Ken Somolinos by Ivan Iakimenko

Cactus Ken

Ken Somolinos vs. Cacti. Edit by Ivan Iakimenko, song by Juno Reactor. For the 2015 Footbag Joulukalenteri Calendar.

Day 12 – Jindra Smola by Vjačeslav Sidorin

Jindra Smola – catch the moment

Short video from Czech Footbag Championship 2015 with Jindra Smola

Day 13 – Shredded Wheat by Sean Wingert (digitised by Erik Chan)

Day 14 – Garden City featuring Phil Morrison and Nathan Pipenberg


Uploaded by Nathan Pipenberg on 2015-12-14.

Day 15 – Taishi Ishida

Joulukalenteri 2015 day15

TAISHI ISHIDA Joulukalenteri 2015 day15 This is my footbag video. TAISHI ISHIDA Official site

Day 16 – Sipa Sipa Promo (digitised by Allan Haggett)

Sipa Sipa Footbag Promotional Video from 1985

This is the earliest known promotional video for the sport of footbag, representing the SIpa Sipa brand from The Wright Life. From 1985, this video contains rare, early footage of Kenny Shults and the origins of modern freestyle footbag. This video is attributed to the rise of Rippin’ Rick Reese, as this video served as his introduction to the sport.

Day 17 – Grudinowy Jam by Paweł Rożek

Grudniowy Jam 2015

12.12.2015 Wrocław

WRC Footbag – Net Sessions 6

Trening footbag net w ramach Grudniowego Jamu we Wrocławiu.

Day 18 – Some Russian Adds by Ilya Sernov

Some Russian Adds

Uploaded by OMFGest on 2015-12-17.

Day 19 – Five Years of Footbag by Jakub Mościszewski

5 Years of Footbag

Small explanation: 1 year ago (after my “4 years of footbag” video) i was challenged by Mike Angeski to make 10 fearless and 8 trick with 3 dexes in a row and these combos are for Mike.

Day 20 – Milan Benda Hell Session by Mads Hole

Hell Session

Milan Benda – Copenhagen September 2015

Day 21 – Nick Polini

Nick Polini vs His Feet

I had a blast filming for this. I hit some new combos and tricks that I never thought possible. Really happy about this video. I really wanted to try to push the sport while making this.

Day 22 – Mark Monistere

Day 23 – Nathan Bonslaver

Nathan Bonslaver – Joulukalenteri 2015 Day 23

Uploaded by Nathan Bonslaver on 2015-12-23.

Day 24 – Honza Weber (including Christmas Competition)

Christmas Footbag Video 2015 – Honza Weber

Christmas video by 7 time World Footbag Champion Honza Weber. Including an online competition! 24th December 2015 COMMENT below and tell me what type of show you want to see next!

Make sure to visit or to keep up with the latest footbag news. Happy New Year and best of luck with 2016.



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