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Published on December 10th, 2009 | by Daniel Boyle


I just finished reading John Grisham- The Runaway Jury. It was a reasonable read, I’ve read a few of his other books, I liked them better. This one just didn’t feel as strong, I guess I just thought I could see the twists and turns coming a long way through the book.

I said before I came that I’d rather just read books than go party, which is pretty much what I’ve done. I’ve been socialising reasonably. There have been a few people I was hanging out with recently, but most of them got on the greyhound headed north this morning. This is a strange place.

I bought a few books with me, and I noticed there’s a couple of book stores in town, so I’ll get a few more.

I brought with me the following:

John Grisham- The Runaway Jury
DH Lawrence- Kangaroo
Gary Saunders- Bert Brown of Papua
Oxford Beginners German Dictionary
Lonely Planet Spanish Phrasebook.

I should really practice my languages more. I can speak very basic German, Spanish and French, the problem is that it’s not at a level to be conversational. Up here I’m nearly always talking to international people, so I’m trying to add some words to my vocabulary.

Got the day off today, going to go wandering about the place.

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