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Canberra Walks – Mt Majura Rd and Majura Pines

Living nearby, I have been to Mt Majura too many times to start counting, however I wanted to change things up on this journey and came down the other side.

The walk up Mt Majura started similarly to plenty of other  visits, through the streets, into the bush, up the trail from Antill St, turn and head up some steps onto to the Majura trail. Around past the waterfall, which was wet but not really running, and then up to the top of the ridge where a couple of other trails meet. Nothing new there.

There was something new at the junction of tracks though, a new seat has been installed by the Friends of Mount Majura and looks sturdy and comfortable enough to support bushwalkers for many years ahead. From there it was up that dreaded steep rise that brings you to the top of the hill.

From there it was a bit of a new idea, which I’m a little surprise has taken me so long to think of. The summit can be reached by road, though the road is only open to vehicles related to the air navigation tower at the top. I was surprised to see a bloke on a bike heading up as I started my descent. He soon zoomed past on the way back down.

A little way down there was a fairly well formed track off to the site. I am not certain but I think that is Little Mt Majura. That’s something I have heard mention of in some other walking blogs and things. I gave it a little look and then made my way back onto the road.

Further down a number of arrows pointed me off the road and onto a bush track. The one time I had been in that area was a couple of years back, along with the little bloke in the stroller. That trip ending up with some wild bushbashing, eventually reaching the summit. What I realised is that if instead of going straight for the top, if I had have gone a little further, I would have reached that summit road and things would have been much easier.

This time around I stuck to the trail. There was quite a bit of work going on and a big semi-trailer was coming up the road shortly after I turned off, which made me glad to be out of the way. Continuing on the road would have also brought me out a lot further north than I needed.

Once through a gate I was in the Majura Pines area, which is full of mountain bike trails. I was actually just there recently on the bike, so walking through didn’t bring any new discoveries. I did see a few kangaroos along the way. The trudge through the pine forest was a bit repetitive after a while, much better doing that part with wheels.

It was very pleasant to return home and have a seat. The walk was about 2 hours, and I walked for about 10km. You can see more details below.

Total distance: 10158 m
Max elevation: 897 m
Min elevation: 612 m
Total climbing: 714 m
Total descent: -699 m
Total time: 01:57:27

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