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Canberra Walks – Dunlop Grasslands – Mt Rogers

A walk around Dunlop Grasslands before popping up Mt Rogers.

The Dunlop Grasslands area is something I haven’t explored so much and I think there is still plenty of room for exploring. On this journey I had a stroller which is not particularly ideal for all of the surfaces. There are fences and gates and things, but I did what I could.

Recently I went on a ride and continued a bit further, past the big pond in Dunlop and there is definitely some more room to explore further.

Anyhow, I came towards the Dunlop Grasslands from the old Charnwood Estate. I had been in this area before but had not really explored any further.

The Dunlop Grasslands area borders the CSIRO facilities which continue through into NSW. There are some roads that are marked on different maps that could take you through that way, but there are a lot of signs marking it as Private Property, Keep Out and that kind of thing, so best to stick in the right area.

These types of entrances are not so good on the stroller, but it’s also not too hard to cross. Different story with actual fences and gates and that type of thing.

We came across quite a nice park once we came into the Dunlop suburb properly. It seems there are quite a few parks scattered around the area.

I had come along the track heading from Spence. At some point this joins the Bicentennial National Trail . Returning from Dunlop I just went through the regular streets and a couple of laneways and things and ended up in Fraser. With Mt Rogers just ahead of me I decided to make a trip up there.

Mt Rogers is our local hill so it’s been covered on these pages already. There’s great views over the Belconnen area.

The best viewpoint is actually just before the trig, as in that area it is a bit crowded with trees. There are a wide variety of ways to go up and down Mt Rogers, it’s a very good size for a quick journey.

From there it was back home for a rest.

Dunlop Grasslands is mainly flat and grassy. I was only able to make limited explorations with the stroller but I plan to visit again someday by myself.

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