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A2ZACT With Brent Ford – Duffy

Duffy is the next suburb in the #A2ZACT line. I have been ignoring this project for a time. With lockdown halting running progress, I may be able to catch up.

Brent Ford has been running for 5km in each suburb in Canberra in alphabetical order. You can view the full list of suburbs here.

I can’t say I’ve heard of Sir Charles Gavan Duffy before. You can find out about him here. He was an Irishman and had been in the House of Commons before taking the trip to Australia. He may have made it earlier after some of his comrades were sent to Van Diemen’s Land, but a fifth trial set him free. He was Premier of Victoria for a year and served as the speaker for a few more before leaving for Nice in France.

The Feel the Power blog visited Duffy as suburb number 20 in their sojourn around the capital. Duffy is very close to the Stromlo Forest Park, though that will get its own mention in the appropriate suburbs. It is also on the way to the Cotter. Narrabundah Hill is in the suburb and not in Narrabundah. You can link up with the Cooleman Ridge track if you are feeling eager. With plenty of natural surrounds, the Canberra Nature Map has a number of entries for the suburb.

Unfortunately one of the things that the suburb is best known for is the 2003 Bushfires.


As mentioned in Brent’s tweet, the resurgence is quite amazing. What is now the Stromlo Forest Park is part of that rebuilding exercise. Speaking of exercise, it looks like in the past Duffy hosted a billy cart derby. It looks like it was all action in 1974 with the billy cart derby as well as a huge aquatic show on the lake.



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