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Published on March 17th, 2012 | by Daniel Boyle


Write on…

Today I have been feeling fairly productive with my writing – I have begun work on some new projects and resurrected some old ones.

However, I did just take the thought that I had not written anything for my Masters or for my job, which are probably more important than these tasks. It’s the weekend however, and these are the “on the side” projects, which I am hoping will grow and grow.
I am not going to post the links to them at the moment, because they are not ready – some are active, but not ready.
Anyhow – yesterday we went to an event, where some guys from Tumblr came along and talked to some artists about using Tumblr to spread their creativity. What I was even doing there is a good question – but I tagged along as Francisca was representing the architecture and design firm she works for.
I asked quite a few questions, as I do already use Tumblr, but I was interested particularly in using it for I Love Chile and for creating some things to promote footbag. So in my mind, I was thinking these projects as we talked. The first is quite simple – and I have set it up already. It is simply sharing information about freestyle footbag.
The footbag community has really not done a good job of promoting itself with the social media platforms that are already available. I am hoping this will change it – and also give a voice from within the community, but give it a worldwide voice.
The second (well, third if you count I Love Chile), will be something I think has a huge amount of potential if other people start submitting regularly. The concept will be quite open: South American Freestyle. This will be a mix of “extreme” or “freestyle” sports, pictures, videos, interviews, events, whatever. The key will be it will be all about South America. So either the action happening in South America, or South Americans making the action happen elsewhere.
The key to this is maybe some rich companies will come along and find some cool stuff they want to have as part of their event, then maybe they will get me to be a part of the event and give me lots of money… after all, you never know your luck.
Next week I am going to head to the IV region to check them starting work on a new telescope – they are going to make a big explosion and it’s going to apparently be a game changer for astronomy. That could be an adventure anyway…I’ve never been to the north of Santiago and haven’t really gone too far south, so I think it’s time to change all that.
I would like to buy a camera too…it’s something I’ve been planning for a while, but haven’t seen anything really catch my eye for the right price. I don’t want anything special, just something I can take a few snaps with, and something portable – but not with the low resolution of my phone.
Opeth are playing in Chile in a couple of weeks…At The Gates in a few months, and Soilwork too…plenty to be excited about.
We are having our housewarming tonight which should be some good fun. I will try and keep up to date with my new projects and let you know how they all go. Let’s see what happens…

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