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Published on July 7th, 2019 | by Daniel Boyle


Footbag on Instagram – June 2019

Footbag action on Instagram from 2019.

A little late I must add. It’s almost the end of July. Here’s some things that popped up on Instagram during the month of June.

Here’s a little something from me to begin.

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New #footbag trick. A guy passing by said I should create my own show.

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Footbag by the Pool

Josh Gayhart going big on a hot day.

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Short run @ 8:00am. #blurrydrifter #pswhirl #bsos #howcouldanyonelivehere #upbeforeeveryoneelse #orlandoshred #orlando #freestyle #footbag #shred #solo

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Warm Up Before Work

A great way to get into things before going to work, have a little kick. Nice flow in this video.

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A little kick session before shift is always the right thing. It can be done in ems or fire boots too. Check out Atmosphere if you like the background tracks. #footbag #emstraining

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Whiz it Up

Dustin Rhodes is pretty good at the trick called “whiz”. If you check his page you will see a bunch of variations on it.

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Far whiz back to back to start it off. It still feels a little funny but I really like it. #footbag

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Crab Bag

Franck Remy has always been known for some weird and wonderful stunts. Here’s an around the world down at the beach…

Chinsen Goes Big

I think I probably used the same title last time around, but here’s another big run.


Zac Forth with a really cool stall promoting the sport at an event called Sunfest in Canada.

Juggling With Scott Davidson

Veteran Scott Davidson plays every day and has some very smooth foot juggling moves.

Lime Hack

Sometimes you need a substitute for a footbag. Any roundish fruit could do.

Mountain Footbag

I always love to see some great scenery in the background and this one is a good shot.

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Happy Father’s Day to the man who has made me who I am today. ❤️ • • • • • #father #dad #fathersday #mountains #mountain #travel #waltermitty #hackysack #tiktok

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Festival Hack

I’ve put similar clips in previous month, but I always love to see some hack action from a festival. These guys are keeping a good rally going too.

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#WTF #hackysack #jeffdontwearregularshoes

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