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Footbag on Instagram – July 2019

July 2019 footbag action on Instagram.

The main event right now is the World Footbag Championships in Warsaw, Poland. The US Open will follow hot on its heels in Boston. Many of the clips have come from August, so we will have a look around the world of Instagram to see what is around.

Here is something from me to begin. During the winter school holidays they had things like ice skating and light shows set up and I was able to get some cool clips.

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City lights. #footbag #canberra

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Worlds – Old Guard/New Guard

I was planning on making a different segment for Worlds, but I like this photo and it is of two players who have made a big impact at this tournament. Vasek has just been a machine, really dominating without looking to really need to reach his peak form.

Sebastian Ceballos has made a big impact, with spectators enjoying a great performance. The video can be seen near the top of this page.

He also impressed the judges in Routines, qualifying for the finals. He was also towards the end of the players still going in the Last Man Standing event.

Bruce Li and Taishi Ishida in synch

This is a really cool clip that I hadn’t seen before. These are two players I have shared plenty of in these columns, now here they are in the one video, each doing a PS Whirl.

Paloma Preparations

Paloma Mayo preparing for another World Championship event. Some nice work here with slow motion on individual tricks.

Comeback Cross

Matt Cross is back on the scene, with a few other players of similar vintage like Tom Mosher getting back into kicking and sharing videos, which is awesome to see.

Party Bombe

Party Bombe is a major event on the Finnish Footbag calendar, though we only have a picture to see the action for the moment. You can follow the Footbag Finland account for plenty of action from Worlds as well.

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Party Bombe! #footbag #helsinki

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Pawel Motorov

Pawel Motorov in Russia with a brightly coloured bag.


Apparently the #hackysackchallenge is a thing. But it has minimal posts in relation to it. Seems to be something from the parkour movement. This guy has caught it in his hands, so it doesn’t count.

Footbag for Martial Arts

Here is a great example using footbag as a warmup for different activities. In this case some type of martial arts.

Hacking on the Trail

There are some great hiking photos in this collection and then a short kicking video with an awesome backdrop.

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Day 39: Same old morning procedure. Was on trail by 6:45 AM again. The morning started with a huge elevation gain up to Methow Pass. The views were spectacular the remainder of the day. I ended up visiting one other pass during the day, Cutthroat Pass. After that it was all downhill from there. Throughout the day, Cruise Control, Dillon, Moses, and Wesley from Arizona, and I kept leap frogging each other. During a lunch break, I suggested a trail name for Wesley, Legs, which he agreed upon. He has a short torso and is all legs. We all ended up camping 2.5 miles past Rainy Pass. Cruise Control made a fire and we sat around chatting. We were visited by the head of a volunteer PCT trail crew group who was car camping at Rainy Pass parking lot. The rest of his crew would be showing up the following morning. Around 8:15 PM Jay from Illinois showed up to camp. Last time we saw him was a couple days ago at Hart’s Pass. He had a big day today. 21 miles . . . #elevation #gain #fantastic #views #optoutside #thegreatoutdoors #forest #valley #mountains #leapfrog #hackysack #camping #backpacking #okanoganwenatcheenationalforest #campfire #southbound #sectionhiker #washingtonstate #pacificnorthwest #pct2019

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Footbag in the Park

I like the look of this one sped up, also looks like they’re having a great time circle kicking. I believe it may be in South Africa.

That’s that for July 2019. The August roundup should include more action from Worlds and USO. Keep on kicking!

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