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Capital Eyes – Vlog 86 – Nelsons

Nelsons Lagoon was our destination during a visit to Bega.

It had been a long time since my last visit to “Nelsons”. We’d been to the beach at Merimbula the day before, and the forest walk was a bit of a change. A quick search shows me that some rogue elements have been to visit in recent years, overfishing for abalone.

What I decided to do on this day was to ride along the tide and get brought in to the lake. The kids had a good time playing on the sand and at the edge of the water. After a little splash in the lagoon I decided on a brief sojourn into the surf. This proved to be a huge waste of time. It wasn’t really ridable or enjoyable. This was exactly the advice my father gave me, but I decided to ignore his weekly experience with the beaches of the South Coast.

We will be heading down to the coast again shortly and I look forward to another similar experience, just hopefully able to get into the surf and have a proper session.

I have recently followed the Sapphire Coast account on Instagram. It gives you plenty of pleasant photos and videos from down that way on a regular basis.

It seems “Big George” Nelson came to a mysterious end. He is where Nelsons gets the name from. This might be something to look a bit further into in the future. I also remember someone being washed out to see when we were there visiting when we were kids.

The video also has some extra park visits, a bit of tennis at the Bega courts and a little skating as well before we returned back to Canberra. One thing I mentioned is over the course of the year I would like to visit every skatepark in Canberra.


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