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Published on June 10th, 2010 | by Daniel Boyle


To The North

I did this interview with To The North up in Brisbane at the start of the year. All parties involved were horrendously drunk, so I haven’t bothered to type it up. I’m not even sure how I got into this interview at all. To tell you the truth I know very little about the band.

I actually did an interview with the singer from The Gifthorse. Unfortunately some kind of technical error meant that interview didn’t work. He introduced me to a few guys from the Brisbane scene, these two characters being some of them. We shared a taxi to go check out the Jungle Fever show, after Polar Bear Club had played. After the show we went across the road to McDonalds.

The interview took place sitting outside McDonalds, around 3am. After the interview, I went back to the hostel, went to the airport and flew to Canberra. On arrival in Canberra, I spewed on the road.

Ok, To The North. What did you guys just order from McDonalds?

Two Angus- Grand…and a coke. Now we feel sick. Might throw up soon.

So, you’re not vegan then?

No, definitely not. Seriously carnivorous.

What are your thoughts on Condorcet?

Really good dudes. Petey has a great moustache. Once he made Ohana and To The North sleep in a cold room, while him and his beautiful girlfriend slept in a warm queen bed. He was warm, we were on the tiles. No pillow. Good luck in Sweden pal, we still love him though.

Do you guys have any recordings out any time soon?

We have a 12 inch that just came out, we’ll be releasing a full length soon, we have a split seven inch with Ohana and we have an EP. All of which will be released in the USA on a collection tape by Streetwalker Collective. (Background: urgh, I’m going to throw up)

So you guys are good pals with Ohana?

Yeah., best band to come out of Australia.

Are you also pals with Hospital The Musical?

Yeah, we haven’t played with them so much. We really like Drew, he has a big beard. All those Sydney people they’re very lovely, they’re very friendly. It’s very different to Melbourne.

What would you say To The North is all about?

Grand Angus Burgers. No, not that. Probably, just about playing without distortion. Touring with no money, reading too many comics, friends and doing really bad artwork. Then there’s the fact you can be in a band with other dudes that like the same music as you. We’ve all been fired because of this band, more than once.

You guys have played in Canberra…at least once?

Twice I think. We love Canberra. Moments are the best band in Canberra. We played with them in 2007. *The conversation here goes kind of crazy, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

What’s Brisbane got going for it right now?

Quiet Steps. In Sepia, they’re going to do a split with a band from Japan. And the secret band, Droptank, worst name in history. Good band though. Valley Maccas. Actually, Brisbane has Orlacs Hande, they’re the best band from Australia, ever. They’re one band that no one will ever hear about. They recorded the most amazing EP, then broke up. People need to hear it.

What’s on in To The North in the next month?

We’re going to America. We’re going to play with Jerkstore beforehand too I think. Julian, he’s a great guy, in heaps of good bands. He was very supportive of the original Yellow Ghost thing. *There is more and more yelling in the background, maybe a fight was going to break out nearby.

Do you have anything left to say?

I think I’m going to throw up. Don’t eat the Grand Angus burger. Polar Bear Club were pretty good tonight. I did see Hot Water Music one time though, I liked that more.

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