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Published on August 16th, 2008 | by Daniel Boyle


Stepping Stone

Stepping Stone are a fairly new band from Sydney. They are coming down to Canberra in a couple of weeks to play a show with Slowburn and Coldfront, which I’m really looking forward to. I had never really heard of them before, so I decided to find out some more. You can check Stepping Stone out by clicking the link. They are a very Aussie sounding hardcore punk band, similar to bands like Perish The Thought. From listening to the tracks on the myspace I’m pretty keen to see them.

I sent some questions through to singer David. Hopefully issue 4 of the zine should be out by the time the show comes around…see what happens!

Just to get us started, who’s in the band, what they do and how long has Stepping Stone been around?

Stepping Stone is a 4 piece, David on vocals, Waz on guitar, Andrew on bass and Drew on drums. We started jamming in Andrew’s lounge room mid April 07 and moved to a rehearsal room in may. There was slight line up changes in the early couple of months but the solid lineup has stuck since about June 07. It wasn’t until October that we played our first show.

You guys are pretty new as a band, have you guys been in any other bands? What got the band together in the beginning?

Waz and Drew both have previously played in a band together, Ascending Over Silence but things didn’t go really go to plan and the band separated leaving them free to be involved in Stepping Stone. The first talk of starting SS went down at the Sydney Bane shows where a couple of us had met for the first time through mutual friends.

You have a show coming up in a couple of weeks in Canberra. Is this your first time in Canberra? What are you doing to prepare yourself for the cold weather?

Yes we do! We are really stoked to be heading down there, it is our first time to play down there and I’m guessing the response to the show will be good considering two of Canberra’s best up and coming bands are on the bill! As for preparation, I’m just hoping to shake this flu, I’ve been bed ridden for three days now so it would be nice if it would find someone else to haunt…

Describe the sound of Stepping Stone for someone who hasn’t heard the band?

We have always struggled to fit ourselves into one category. That was a problem for us at the beginning, we thought we’d never find our place. We soon just stopped reading into it and decided to let whatever happens happen. We are all influenced by so many different bands it’s basically impossible to fit one small niche without losing sincerity. I guess basically you could fit us into the melodic hardcore punk genre, at least that’s where we are happy to sit!
What is the goal for Stepping Stone? Is there any particular themes behind the music and lyrics?

As the main lyric writer for the band I was lucky to fall into place with 3 other guys who hold very much the same ideas as me. Ideas of equality, religion, women’s rights, friendship and self improvement have been topic that’s have featured in songs on our 07 demo and our end of year Ep that we start recording in October this year. I guess when you look at our song topics you could call us a band with a positive approach without taking the corny, “everything is fine all the time” approach.
Which part of Sydney are you guys based in? Do have some regular venues you play at?

All of us live in the Sutherland shire, about half hour south of Sydney. Its commonly referred to as a snobby upper class area which I suppose it is but I guess it just depends on who you surround yourself with. Around home there is only really one venue still standing that does shows and that’s the Caringbah Bizzos which we’ve played a few times. There aren’t really any regular venues for us, we’ve played heaps of different ones which is cool!

What are some other up and coming Sydney bands to look out for?

Some great bands that come to mind are, One Strength, keeping the D.I.Y feel in good aggressive hardcore. The Chunks, an amazingly tight punk out fit formed from ex members of Perish The Thought and Omerata, think Face to Face and Avail! Easy Company are a fun light hearted but nether the less solid 3 piece punk band to check out, make sure you’re ready to drink if you intend on watching them live. Some other notable bands are Victims of, Relentless, Mark My Words and Common Ground.

What have been some of the highlights and lowlights of being in the band so far?

Highlights have defiantly been meeting and befriending new people and being able to share the stage with some great bands, its really become a great part of our lives! As for lowlights, maybe just watching hardcore’s ever changing face take on its latest face and feeling like an idiot amongst rooms filled with intellectuals who are full of sarcasm and are self absorbed.

If the band could support any international band, who would it be?

Haha I think it would be an equal mix of members of propagandhi, cursed, verse and ignite! Don’t really know how that would sound but the novelty would be pretty sweet!

Do you have anything more to add? Anyone to thank?

“insert cliché here” haha but seriously, friends, family, girlfriends and anyone who has played with us or watched us play! Cheers.

Oh and P.s, cheers to you for the interview! We had fun!

The show is on Thursday August 28 at Bar 32, just a few weeks away.
I really like this flyer. It is a really great photo, showing how good Canberra can look in the right angles.

Anyway, the show will be raging. I think I will struggle to arrive at work at 7am the next day!

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