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Published on December 28th, 2011 | by Daniel Boyle


Merry Christmas from the Thai Post

With the 4 month mark close approaching since we returned from our trip in Thailand, we were wondering if this parcel would ever arrive.

On leaving Bangkok, we still had almost a month of travels, and had accumulated quite a lot of things- presents, some rugs for our future home from Nepal, etc. With plans to continue our travels through the rest of Thailand and onto Cambodia and Vietnam, then back to Australia and over the Pacific to Chile, we thought it would be best to ship these things that we wouldn’t need immediately.
I really had no idea how long it would take to ship things to Chile, or if there was even a direct route for the shipping at all, so I really didn’t know how long it will take. The tracking at the Thai Post didn’t offer much information, simply saying it had gone through customs, but that was in September. I don’t think the tracking even said it made it on to the boat. Correos Chile told us that they couldn’t do anything until it arrived in the country, so we had to simply wait.
In the end, the shipping was kind of unnecessary, I got sick in Koh Samui and went to hospital, and after that we cut our trip short. Francisca was also expecting to have to pay some kind of fees, or to get robbed, but the box arrived here last night, with nothing more to pay.
For me, I had offloaded two jumpers. It seemed a waste to carry around the things that I had barely used, and I knew we would be coming back to warmer weather in Australia. Of course it was freezing cold and raining when we arrived back in Australia…

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