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Published on February 10th, 2012 | by Daniel Boyle


Dear world

Hello to all my many readers (cough…)

I have been quite busy lately, writing a lot in the I Love Chile website, but also searching to get myself a “proper job” in order to survive. I interviewed a TV star for the cover story of the next print issue, which will, um, not be printed (digital only copy…)
Bron left us a few days ago to go to Argentina and Antarctica. I think we showed her a pretty good time. Hopefully she will return to Chile sometime again 🙂 The next visitors we have lined up are Viv and Bret, who will come in June.

Here is a quick little video of me playing Footbag by the pool that Bron took.

Hopefully by the time our next guests come, we will have our own place, and that is looking more and more likely. I won’t say too much on that one, but fingers crossed for next week.
We had a good chat on Skype with Jonathan today. It was good to catch up with him. He is in Belgium at the moment. It was funny how we would spend Raiders games about our plans to travel the world, and after all that build up, here we are, and easily able to connect with each other.
Speaking of the mighty green machine, they begin their first trial in just a couple of hours. That means around this time last year, we would have been heading down to Bega with Jonathan to watch the first trial, also against the Storm, without Slater/Smith/Cronk.
My mum described the Raiders as “playing like a pack of girls”, although the Bega Roosters women’s League Tag team probably put in a better effort in the pre-match. Hopefully things will be better this year. I don’t think I will be staying up too often to tune in to a live stream or radio broadcast in the middle of the night, though when I get the chance it would be great to watch.
I don’t think it is possible to see it on TV here in Chile – maybe things like State of Origin on DirectTV…I’m not too sure. I just hope that the Raiders are better than the rabble that turned out last year.
Not too much planned for this coming weekend, just going to take things easy. I will probably keep an eye out for jobs as well as conjuring up other money making schemes as well. Let’s see how that goes…

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