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So in this last few weeks, I have come back to work at a job I have held for many years, taking tours at the AIS. I think it must be right around 5 years on the dot since I first read an email offering the chance to be a tour guide, which I was very excited by.
The last little while the national teams have been holding their training camps for Gymnastics, which has been good to watch. When I started doing tours, Australia had never done much in Gymnastics. When I first started, you would often see Phillipe Rizzo training on the high bar. It wasn’t long after when he became the first Australian to get a Gold Medal in Denmark.
In this squad currently, we have Lauren Mitchell, who will be defending her world title quite soon. The link I have put is to her Commonwealth Games performance. I didn’t find anything from the worlds immediately, but this also fits into our trip we recently went on.
I asked a few people when we were in Delhi about the Games. Nobody cared about it at all, barely anyone I met went. I think I mentioned this bloke who worked for a lift company that we met on the train. He said he was there looking after the lifts. I’m sure he would have had a lot of work to do. You see in this video, there’s a crowd of approximately 3 people. I wasn’t sure if I was watching a footbag tournament…
Anyhow, there have been many accusations (mostly true) in regards to corruption of the games, which must be a big disaster for public relations of the government in India.

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