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Published on May 20th, 2013 | by Daniel Boyle


Daily Mail vs Las Ultimas Noticias Over Manuel Pellegrini

In his Daily Mail column, British journalist Martin Samuel decided to respond to a number of questions from Samuel Ferreiro, from Chile’s Las Ultimas Noticias in a very public manner. Samuel had earlier questioned the arrival of Manuel Pellegrini at Manchester City HQ, and thought the job should have been given to somebody with experience in the English system.

The column, filled with Manu Chao videos, used the questions from the Chilean journalist among the other “punters”. You can read the following questions, and make your own answers. You can read the column on the website to see the answers from Mr Samuel, of course accompanied by Manu Chao.

Of course, Manu Chao is not Chilean, so there is plenty of material that could have been more relevant to the subject matter…

You mentioned Manuel Pellegrini’s arrival would be blocking other home-schooled coaches like Alan Pardew, Gus Poyet and Roberto Martinez. Do you feel Pellegrini hasn’t earned the right to coach Manchester City? Are there any more deserving coaches in your opinion? Isn’t it a little xenophobic to close the door on foreign coaches? Samuel Ferreiro, Las Ultimas Noticias

What is your general opinion on Pellegrini? Is he fit for a big-time club like Manchester City or is he good for small clubs only? Samuel Ferreiro, Las Ultimas Noticias

Near the end of the column, you mention this was ‘dressed up as radicalism…. but, in reality, it’s same old, same old.’ What do you mean by that? Bringing a coach that represents Barcelona’s type of game is same old, same old? Samuel Ferreiro, Las Ultimas Noticias

While we’re on the subject, the general opinion of the column was that coaches raised in the English system are not being given the opportunities to rise to the top clubs. Thinking of Pellegrini for a moment, and of the fact that most in charge of Chilean teams are from abroad.

While José Luis Sierra and Jorge Pellicer faced off in the final of the 2012 Clausura, it is rare to see home-grown coaches at the top of the pecking order. Jorge Sampaoli has replaced his Argentine countryman Claudio Borghi at the head of La Roja. 

Borghi led Colo Colo to four consecutive domestic titles and the final of the Copa Sudamericana, while Sampaoli oversaw “La U” for three consecutive titles as well as lifting the Copa Sudamericana.

With Sampaoli having moved on, Dario Franco has followed in his place. The Bielsa style being a key on the CV. Of course the Argentine “El Loco” was in charge of Chile’s run to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and was followed by two of his countrymen at La Roja.

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