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Published on April 28th, 2013 | by Daniel Boyle


Colo Colo Win Danone Nations Cup

With former Universidad de Chile star Diego Rivarola, Colo Colo walked away with the trophy and a trip to England to represent Chile at the Danone Nations Cup.


With the CDA facility in La Cisterna playing host, the mini albos were able to steal the show, beating defending champions Santiago Wanderers on penalties. After a scoreless finish, Colo Colo were eventual winners of a 5-4 shootout.

Rivarola, who is remembered fondly by Universidad de Chile fans for last minute goals in various superclásicos, would have been disappointed to see his rival club walk away with the trophy.

We had a chat with Diego Rivarola as well as getting him to show us his skills with footbag. We hope to see some Universidad de Chile branded footbags in the near future….

Interview with Diego Rivarola

You are the ambassador of the Danone Nations Cup for the second year running – what’s the best part of this competition?

There are various entertaining parts to the competition – first of all the grand prize, the chance to represent Chile in London. During the competition there is the chance to experience something more beautiful, the children are coming from all over the country they can meet and play, have a unique experience here.

You are a star of Universidad de Chile – what’s the importance of holding the competition here at the CDA?

Well, I am a reference for the club, and also for the tournament. The competition is not just about the prize in London. It’s also about healthy living, teamwork, fair play. This are values that are important for every player. I feel that I identify with the values of this tournament.

How important is English for the players that go to England, and for professional players?

It’s always important. These days the children are learning English from a younger age, I hope that some will know some English when they visit England.

What are your plans for the future?

I will keep working with Universidad de Chile, working with children, working with the Copa Danone, keep doing these activities. There are many things to be done at the moment.

The children are very happy to have you here – how important is interacting with the young fans?

It’s important to do as much as possible – children need to have a referente from their club or for football in general.

We also interviewed Danone Marketing Director Leonardo Lima, who looks to also be a newly found footbag fan.


Here is what Leonardo had to say about the tournament.

The Danone Nations Cup is a huge event – why does Danone support this event?

Danone has a mission on health through foods. It’s the longest running company in this industry in the world, with more than 90 years of history. Health and physical activity go hand in hand, so we have organised the largest under 12 tournament in the world.

Does Danone support other sports?

No, the only sporting event on a worldwide level is the Danone Nations Cup, football is the most popular sport so it is a huge chance to have more children participating. In Chile there are 160 teams participating. The cup is held in 80 different countries.

You have Diego Rivarola as the ambassador – why choose him?

Diego Rivarola, aside from being a great athlete, has always been a great example of sporting conduct and fair play. With all the success that he had, particularly here in Chile with Universidad de Chile, he was always a good example off the field as well. For the children you need to be a good example both on and off the field.

Diego is our ambassador here in Chile – the global ambassador is Zinedene Zidane. Each country has the tradition of inviting a player to be an example for the country.

The winners will go to London – are the plans for the winning team to learn English before they arrive?

That depends on the team. The event will be held 3-4 months in the future. Danone is focused on organising all the logistics for arrival, passports and other processes. For many, it will be the first time they have left the country. Many of them will not know English. It’s a great chance to experience a new culture and have a new life experience. It’s a beautiful opportunity.

Who is the favourite for the competition?

We can’t have favourites here. What’s more important than being champion or the prize to go to London is the celebration of sport for the whole weekend. There are 160 teams, with families and supporters there are about 5,000 people here. Everyone is learning to play and the importance of healthy living.

You have Elige Vivir Sano as a partner in the program – how important is healthy living?

For us the Elige Vivir Sano is a great cause. At Danone we believe in promoting healthy habits, healthy food. It is a great opportunity to promote the program here. The food in Chile is a point of contention, we have to continue developing the best practices. There are segments of the food industry in Chile that are not up to world standards. In this, we are together.

Anything else to add?

The beauty of Danone is that we are a company dedicated to healthy products, this is the same throughout the world. In Chile we are focused on promoting healthy food, healthy living, good products and physical activity.

While Colo Colo took the spoils in this competition, Universidad de Chile will seek victory in the superclásico next weekend.

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