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Footbag Joulukalenteri – Link of the Day

Aside from the daily videos, in recent years the Joulukalenteri has also included a Link of the Day challenge, and 2015 will be no exception.

This post will be updated daily with two options for a new challenge. The links will start fairly easy and progress to harder and harder tricks.

Day 1 – inside stall>outside stall OR around the world>legover

Day 2 – Pickup>pickup or clipper>op clipper

Day 3 – Illusion>mirage or op butterfly>same clipper

Day 4 – Pixie legover (PLO)>DLO or whirl>op butterfly

Day 5 – Fairy ss mirage>terrage or diving clipper>whirl

Day 6 – Tap>dimwalk or spinning clipper>paradox mirage

Day 7 – Ripwalk>sidewalk or PLO>tripwalk

Day 8 – Spinning osis>drifter or atomic op pickup>ss eggbeater

Day 9 – Stepping ducking clipper>spinning osis or pixie op guay>dlo

Day 10 – Ripwalk> revup or pixie ducking legover> ducking pickup

Day 11 – blur>pixie op whirl or pixie op gyro toe>double orbit

Day 12 – ducking butterfly>vortex or fairy ducking legover>terrage

Day 13 – paradon>blender or fairy ss butterfly>ps mirage

Day 14 – legbeater>pdx whirl or double pickup>double switchover

Day 15 – neo set mirage (fear, starting on inside)>tapdown (atomic ss butterfly) or blurry whirl>spinning legover

Day 16 – far swirl > spinning osis or ripped warrior>spinning ducking butterfly

Day 17 – atomic op knee bumping op legover > dlo or tap>ducking symp mirage

Day 18 – flapper kick>paradox illusion or reaper>flying clipper

Day 19 – darkwalk>mobius or spinning ducking legover>double around the world

Day 20 – jackknife (stepping diving butterfly)>blurriest or atomsmasher>pixie paradon

Day 21 – zipper set blur>motion or phoenix>fog 

Day 22 – spinning ducking butterfly>spinning ducking osis or pixie ss dlo>double orbit (DATW out-in)

Day 23 – locomotion>paradox blender or smoke>ducking paradox mirage


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