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Dżem Jam – Day One Results



The competition of Dzem Jam day 1 is officially over, as we wait for the semifinals, and final circle competition tomorrow. The results of the preliminary rounds of circle, as well as the final results of Sick 3 and Request contest are available. Tour members Anssi Sundberg, and Evan Gatesman both will be taking home gold medals, for winning Sick 3 and Request respectively.

Official Results taken from

Sick 3
1.) Anssi Sundberg: Triage-Enterrage-Paradon Swirl
2.) Damian Gielnicki: Spinning pdx dlo-Pixie butterfly swirl-Marius
3.) Aleksi Airinen: Whirligig – Scorpion’s tail-Food Processor
4.) Evan Gatesman: Ripped Warrior-Whirr-Superfly
5.) Pawel Nowak: Frontside legbeater-Double dyno-Blurry whirl
6.) Jakub Mościszewski: Bedwetter-Dimmiest-Merlin
7.) Filip Wójcik: Fairy ducking legover-phoenix-blurry whirl
8.) Tomasz Ostrowski: Ripped warrior-paradox mirage-symposium whirl
9.) Michał Biarda: Pixie ss calf stall-calf pixie ss legover-pixie toe stall
10.) Krystian Bubula: Paradox mirage-butterfly-paradox illusion

1.) Evan Gatesman (Last combo hit: Double Blender->Blurrage)
2.) Damian Gielnicki, Anssi Sundberg.

Top two players advance to semi finals.

Pool A.
1.) Michał Ostrowski
2.) Jakub Grabarczyk

3.) Michał Y.
4.) Michael Lamberjohann

Pool B.
1.) Pawel Nowak
2.) Filip Wójcik

3.) Wiktor Debski
4.) Krystian Bubula

Pool C.
1.) Jakub Mościszewski
2.) Tomasz Ostrowski

3.) Michal Biarda
4.) Caroline Birch



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