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Published on June 3rd, 2012 | by Daniel Boyle


Big Wave Surf Contest Extends Waiting Period

PICHILEMU – The waiting period for the first event of the Big Wave World Tour has been extended until June 15. Despite the Punta de Lobos break being renowned for consistent big waves, the conditions have not been adequate for the big wave riders of the world to test their skills in competition.

“The normally consistent wave machine that is Punta de Lobos, hasn’t yet delivered the conditions we have been anticipating,” said Gary Linden, Big Wave World Tour Director and Contest Director. “So as not to lower the high standards we have held to in the past, Quiksilver has decided to extend the waiting period until June 15, hoping that patience will pay off.”

Local big wave legend Ramón Navarro said that he “has his fingers crossed that the swell will arrive” in time for the event. In the the previous season, only two of the four events on the Big Wave World Tour were held due to unfavorable conditions.

The contest did move from the holding period to a yellow alert a number of times throughout the waiting period, most recently on May 20, however the conditions were not perfect for holding the event.

Punta de Lobos and its famous “morros” are renowned for extremely consistent waves. Despite not reaching ideal conditions for holding the contest, the wave size has generally been at least 6 foot.

Some of the biggest names in Big Wave surfing are hoping that the conditions will align in order to hold the competition. Some of the invitees include Jamie Sterling, Kohl Christensen, Carlos Burle, Marcos Monteiro, Peter Mel, Cristian Merello, Greg Long, Gabriel Villarán, Mark Healey, Jaimie Mitchell, Danilo Couto, Rusty Long, Grant “Twiggy” Baker, Ramón Navarro, Diego Medina, Fernando Zegers, Joao De Macedo, Felipe Cesarano, Nathan Fletcher, Ken Collins, Frank Soloman, Ian Walsh, Ben Wilkinson and León Vicuna.

The contestants will be competing for a US$20,000 prize. For all the latest information, check the official website.


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