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Published on May 11th, 2009 | by Daniel Boyle


Bare Your Teeth

Coming up in Melbourne is this exhibition that sounds seriously INCREDIBLE. It’s an art exhibition featuring numerous artists involved in the punk/hardcore scene. I’m strongly considering going down to Melbourne for this particular weekend.

I sent some questions through to Franca, who is organising the whole event. They will be in my next issue, but because I just put one out, it will probably be a while off. Here’s what she had to say…

Give us a brief rundown of what’s happening with Bare Your Teeth

Its going to be visual art, bands and workshops and free tea on opening night! It’s over 2 days and will be run out of Irene’s Warehouse in East Brunswick in Melbourne.

What gave you the idea for starting Bare Your Teeth?

I came up with the idea for BYT whilst sitting on the toilet – this is where a lot of people get good ideas. It all came from wanting to DO something and I could see a lot of people in the scene doing NOTHING. I wanted to hold a 2 day event to essentially give the Melbourne hardcore punk scene a kick up the arse. I wanted to inspire people to start doing. No good comes from procrastination. I also wanted to show people that ideas really can manifest – you just have to stop waiting for someone else to do it for you! You wanna see your favourite bands playing a zombie-themed halloween party, or start up a zine workshop for people wanting to learn, or you want to see what your coffee table looks like wheatpasted – JUST DO IT!

Are you organising the whole thing by yourself, or do you have some extra help?

I started off with the audacity that I could do all of this by myself, which, I mostly have. Now I have 2 awesome people helping me out, Melissa and Mani who are both studying fine arts and actually have a clue about this stuff. And here I was just thinking, “ppft, whatever, I can put on an art exhibition!”. They’ve brought heaps to the table and as a result this thing’s going to be way more together than I would’ve had it.

Was there anything in particular you were looking for from the different artists that will be exhibiting?

I didn’t really assess who was/wasn’t going to submit pieces. If someone had enough balls to reply to my call for artists, then they were in. Also, I am not an artist, I don’t study art, so who was I to say they couldn’t submit their art, you know? Keeping that in mind, all the people who have responded are coming up with some pretty amazing art! There were only a few that I approached, most of the artists took it upon themselves to get in contact with me. Mind you, there’s over 21 artists now submitting their pieces. This thing’s going to be massive!

Do you have a particular favourite of the artists that will be on display?

hmm, favourite. Well, Melissa’s doing a wall painting which I can’t wait to see on our fresh white walls! I’m also really excited for Finger’s and Skywhale (who has his own opening night on the 28th of May, people should go and support him!). I am also excited to see those who wouldn’t have normally had the chance to have their art in an exhibition and I am excited to be giving them this opportunity.

Do you do much art yourself, and will you have anything on display?

I don’t do art, although I did recently wheat paste my coffee table with flyers and made some stencils for my new denim jacket. I consider that art! I will be display the end result to an interview with Glen E Friedman. He is of course responsible for early Dogtown photos, Run DMC, Beastie Boys and of course, Black Flag, Minor Threat and Fugazi.

Bare Your Teeth is currently a 2 day show, do you think you will show the exhibits anywhere else, or even do a tour of some sort?

At this stage, BYT is a one city exhibition. I can’t even imagine the work that’d go into a nation wide thing. Its definitely not impossible though. I’d help someone who’d want to do it.

There’s a pretty wide variety of bands playing over the 2 days, did it take much to get so many acts together?

It wasn’t too hard to get all the bands confirmed. I know people from all of the bands and I’m pretty excited that close friends of mine will be a part of BYT. I can’t wait to be sipping tea in a room full of art, listening to the amazing music of Jamie Hay. And of course moshing it up to Cult Minds. People need to check them out.

Do you have any advice to anyone wanting to do a similar sort of exhibition?

Firstly, you’d have to find a venue. This is the hardest part. Galleries are expensive and won’t allow you to have bands. For someone wanting to do this in Sydney, I’d probably ask the Maggotville guys if they’d hold it there. If you’re doing this in Brisbane, Visible Ink would be your best bet. They’re close to the city and have heaps of space you can use. You also need to gauge interest from Artists. Put the word out and make sure its not all internet based – do some flyers. Lastly, Make sure you remember that bands are second to the art in this type of event.

Do you have any thanks or anything else to add?

In theory BYT sounds like the coolest thing ever (to me, anyway), I just hope people come out and support it and of course enjoy themselves! I’ll be on Triple J on the 27th of May talking about this, so if you want to hear me sound like a douche bag, tune into Short Fast Loud.
Oh and people should make more zines. Do it.

Thanks a lot

No, thank you!

So if you’re in Melbourne, or going there on the weekend of 29th-30th May, this is something that should not be missed. It’s at Irene’s Warehouse in East Brunswick. Check it out for sure.

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