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A2ZACT With Brent Ford – Cook

The suburb of Cook takes its name from Captain Cook as well as Prime Minister Cook. Brent Ford continues his alphabetical journey.

Most suburbs named after an Australian Prime Minister have a little bit of information about who it’s all about. Here there’s a second addition, with Captain James Cook sharing the honours. Interestingly enough the sixth PM started out his life as “Cooke”, so that might have might a bit of a change in name.

The main standout in the area is Mt Painter, which looks down over the suburb with views further afield. There are segments there you can see over both Lake Ginninderra and Lake Burley Griffin.

The shops have a bit of a range in eateries, with Brent mentioning Little Oink and To All My Friends in his summary tweet. Cook also includes Wybalena Grove, similar to Urambi Village in Kambah, was setup in modern, semi-Scandinavian style, with a focus on community within the housing area.

The suburb is not the only thing named after Captain Cook in Canberra, let alone in Australia. We’ve got the Memorial Jet, the Memorial, his diaries in the National Library. There’s also a sundial on the edges of Mt Painter. There were even suggestions long ago to bring Cook’s remains to Canberra.

Rosebud Cottage is still standing, you can stay in that as a B&B type of place. The cottages were not always there – you can find some more information about that area from Hall Museum. The cottage is a feature of the Belconnen section of the Canberra Tracks. They feature early in the visit from the Feel The Power blog.

To finish with here’s something from the air.

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