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Published on September 30th, 2019 | by Daniel Boyle


Footbag on Instagram – September 2019

Footbag action on Instagram from September 2019

Here’s something to start with from me. A new trick, pixie ducking DLO.

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New #footbag trick for me.

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Hackin’ in the Forest

Alright, you got me. I’m late doing this and this was actually from October, which I have already down. However, if the location is set to “Hackysack Life”, then this should be in this column! Fun shots of people playing hack in the woods.

Marco up to the Challenge

Some good runs from Marco Hartig in Germany, including the challenge of drifter>barfly repeat.

Hack and Climb – The Game

Something I was going to mention about the earlier post of people kicking in the forest, is that long ago there was a lot of support for people to have a kick when they are climbing or hiking. Well looks like someone’s taken that onboard and they are making a computer game.

You can get some more information on the website. I’ve signed up to the mailing list and will be looking for some further information in the new year. The game looks to be due out sometime 2020.

Hack Africa

You don’t hear of too much footbag happening on the African continent. Hopefully one day, I’m sure there would be plenty of talent there. Here’s a photo of some action in Zimbabwe.

Algo de Fuchi

Hopefully we’ll be seeing plenty more “Fuchi” in the coming year in Colombia. That’s what the circle kicking, hacky sack style is known as in Colombia and other parts of South America. I believe this little clip may be from Venezuela.

Double Pendulum

This is a really cool move, I will have to try this. It also has 3,000+ views, which looks like is due to Mr Boey being quiet a talent cartoonist.

Honza Going Hard

There’s a comment from Wiktor Debski on this post that sums things up. “Nice to see your hardcore game again”. Honza going big on the famous red squares in Prague.

Buffy Bus

This looks to be in England and the “Buffy Bus” offers Hacky Sack activities as part of what looks like a holiday program. Great stuff.

Perth Sunset Hack

It’s not too often I come across others in Australia, but here’s one from Perth. I’ll be heading over that way in the new year and hope to catch one of these classic sunset into the ocean pictures.

Hacky Sack Club

Great to see a bunch of hack activities around. I have no idea where McNeil is (I’m guessing USA), but looks like you can choose to do some hack in your break time.

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