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Published on December 1st, 2019 | by Daniel Boyle


Footbag on Instagram – November 2019

What happened with the footbag community on Instagram in the month of November 2019.

Here’s something from me to begin. And look, I’ve got a special guest in my clip. I had the chance to catch up with Phil Morrison on a recent visit to New Zealand.

Caroline and Jana in action

I believe this would be from the Polish championships. Two of the top level ladies doing a little bit of synchro work.

Beastly Pawel

Another one from Poland, here’s Pawel Nowak going big, including a beast (6>6>6) combo.


This is not the footbag golf that you know of. This is Bruce Li in China, doing a few kicks then blasting the golf ball on the driving range.

Hands and Feet and More

Here’s Ryan Thomas with a wild combo of a bit everything – footbag, juggling, tennis ball bouncing. Shared by the ParadoxSymposium account which is mysteriously giving us great content.
Keep up the good work!

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#twofortuesday (Part II): Busy and Bizarre. This is incredible work. When I first came across this clip by @reclaimedrva, I had to re-watch it 5 times just to get a handle on what was happening (hands, feet, bouncing, under the leg, did I miss anything else?). Ryan's style in what we traditionally think of as freestyle footbag has always been captivating, so it's no surprise that his combination of foot and hand juggling does the same. A few other people do really great foot and hand juggling combinations, but I'm very happy to see Ryan in particular bring his style, meticulousness, and creativity to this little niche in the world of footbag. #footbag #footwork #footbagfreestyle #freestylefootbagger #freestyle #freestylefootbag #hack #hackysack #sack #fancyfootwork #shredder #shred #objectmanipulation #virginia #richmond #juggling #ball #foot #hand

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Hand and Foot Master

If we’re talking about the combination of hands and feet, we can’t go past Peter Irish. Here he is with 5 on the hands, 2 on the feet. Making it look easy.

Mr Hacky Sack

John Stalberger, who started everything out with footbag, had a birthday during November. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be writing about this at all…Happy birthday to Mr Hacky Sack himself!

A cuppa with Honza

Every wanted some Honza Weber in your tea or coffee? Enjoy a cuppa with this limited edition Honza Cup.

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Japan Sport Olympic Square

Taishi Ishida gets a lot of mentions in these columns, mainly because he is doing great stuff in Japan and around the world. Looks like he has been to perform at Japan Olympic Square. Tokyo will be hosting the Olympics next year, so there could be even bigger crowds for Taishi to perform in front of.

Houdini Returns

We haven’t seen so much footbag from Nick Polini lately, he’s been right into contact juggling and I believe doing quite well in that area. He’s put up a cool fearless sick 3 here, with slow motion for good measure.

Wiktor in Slowmo

Here’s Wiktor Debski training hard. Organising competitions, running the show on the IFPA, freestyle, net, Wiktor is an unstoppable force.

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