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Published on January 12th, 2012 | by Daniel Boyle


Delving into the world of TV stardom

Yesterday I went down to the studios of the channel Mega to try out for a TV show. The other day we were having some drinks to celebrate Francisca’s birthday, and one friend is kind of a big deal at a TV production company.

In essence, the company is polluting the television with Chilean adapations of other horrid shows. One more recent example is the soon to be released “Secret Diary of A Call Girl” and this show, which is going to be a Chilean version of the show “Odd One In”. This was a show that began in England maybe the year before last. I read some reviews and none at all were positive.

So the basic concept is to have four people, and then two teams need to pick which one has a certain talent. So I went in there to show of some footbag. I had to wait a long time to get my run, but I would say I will make it on to the show- it is going to be on Monday to Friday in prime time, so they will certainly need a lot of people.

Anyway, I got down there, the studio is in Ñuñoa. I arrived at the little office and they ticked me off a list and told me where to go. I vaguely understood, but not that well. The directions were basically “Go to this building, then the other building, then another building, and all the people will be there”.


I took a walk around and eventually gave in and called the lady from the TV who had called me to begin with. She came to meet me and was talking on the phone. She must have been talking to her husband, as she said “I Love You” as she hung up the phone and then gave the traditional Chilean greeting of a kiss on the cheek to me.

Nice to meet you too…

So anyway, we just waited around- for ages. I was thinking about similar stupid shows in Australia and how they always have “the tension” and the other buildup moments while people wait hours to get a run. There was none of that this time.

Once I did get a go, I came into the studio. There was a wooden floor which was a bit slippery. They got me to say a bit about myself- in Spanish, then play a little footbag. I had a couple of drops, and did a couple of cool tricks like Phoenix and Spinning Ducking Osis- but then they asked me to keep it below the waist, which was interesting as a lot of the time tricks like ducking and spinning are the ones that get the ooohs and aahs from the crowd.

I’m not sure if I will be involved in the TV show- and I’m not so sure going again and waiting for many hours would be a good use of my time, but I have always wanted to go and play Footbag on TV, and it is something I have not achieved yet.

The day before I went and played Footbag on the streets again. I didn’t manage to be as successful as the previous time, only earning 1,100 pesos in about the same amount of time again, just under an hour. I wasn’t feeling too good in my shins, so I might put playing on the road off for a little while.

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