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Published on February 15th, 2020 | by Daniel Boyle


Footbag on Instagram – January 2020

January 2020 and we are kicking off the year of Footbag on Instagram.

It’s another year and there’s more and more kickers on Instagram. I’m going to try and share more posts that I come across. There’s some really good regular postings, including from The Paradox Symposium.

Early days in January 2020 I was thinking to post something on Instagram every day. We had days where you could not go outside, high fire danger and I spent a little time sick, so I didn’t quite make it. Here’s something from me in Western Australia.

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Visiting Albany in WA

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Onto some of the other action from the month of January 2020.

Blinded Honza

Here’s Honza Weber doing a blindfold challenge. Unfortunately Honza is not in action at the competitive level much these days, because he’s still got the skills. This video also has a large amount of views, and thousands of likes.

Zaniac Hack

It’s a blast from the past with “Professional Zaniac” Alex Zerbe in action.

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#footbag #hackysack #fyp #footskills #tricksfordays

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Franck in France

Here’s another name from the archives. Franck Remy in action with his smooth style in France.

Footbag in the Desert

Here’s Sebastian Ceballos in the sands of the Colombian desert. Certainly a different landscape to the usual shred spaces.

Rippin Rick Reese

I’m not sure about the vintage of this photo, but the legend “Rippin” Rick Reese posted another photo from Funtastiks 1993 on Facebook. We may not be doing a large number of footbag tricks without Rick’s influence.

Jakub Worek Going Big

Poland’s Jakub Worek has some very large tricks up his sleeve and this is certainly one of them.

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#freestyle #footbag #bigone #trick #hackysack #7add

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Em is Evolving

It’s not often I come across a player on Instagram that I didn’t know of, but this is one example and I’m impressed with the form.

Rake it Smooth

Brian Bear with some leftover Christmas pudding. These are some outtakes from the Joulu video with some strong rake tricks.

New Year, New Stuff

Isn’t that what we all want to kick off our year with? Pawel Nowak has been consistently posting big stuff the last few years and he’s done no different for the new year.

Aleksei Zhikin Back at It

Great to see another old name back in action too. Aleksei has also mixed some style from his work with breakdance and come up with some really different stuff.

That’s it for January 2020. Stay tuned for February action.

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